And the winner is…

Pivot. Moistmaker. Transpondster. Holiday Armadillo. The meaning of the box is threefold. What kind of crazy-ass clowns came to your birthday? Gum would be perfection. Viva Las Gay-gas. How you doin’? We were on a break!

If you recognized any of those quotes and catchphrases, you know that my absolute all-time favorite sitcom is Friends. It is the one sitcom that I can watch anytime, anywhere, any episode. Twenty years after it premiered, it still holds up. The pop culture references and technology might be dated, but if you strip those away, the show is still very relatable in 2015.

From the writers to the ensemble cast, even the creative episode naming scheme, NBC had a hit from Day One. Chandler’s quick wit and snarkiness, Ross with his awkwardness and ability to embarrass himself in any situation, Monica’s competitiveness, Joey’s lovability, Phoebe’s quirkiness, Rachel’s growth from spoiled little rich girl to mom and career woman, all of these things and more kept me tuning in week after week.

Because Friends was such a huge part of my life for ten seasons, my kids have grown up hearing Friends references on an almost daily basis. Since Netflix added the series this past January, two of my sons have watched it. No. 1 Son has watched the complete series and is already planning on going back and re-watching his favorite episodes. No. 3 Son is midway through season 9, watching when his class schedule allows. He’s amazed that he can give me an episode title and I can tell him that this, this and this happened in that one.

Sharing my love of this show with the next generation makes my heart happy. These two guys each have their own fandoms. Lucky for me, some of their interests overlap some of mine. Many of our best conversations are about one fandom or another. It’s not that we are talking about ‘The One with Chandler in the Box.’ It’s the other things that come out while we’re talking about that. That’s what makes me happy. Anytime my twenty-six and nineteen year old sons share part of their busy lives with me, I come out the winner.